Business Analysis


Business Analysis (BA) tasks are what a Business Analyst does. There are a number of pathways to become a certified Business Analyst. I chose to get trained in Business Analysis to become a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP).

Business Analysis (BA) tasks are what anyone in an organisation does that creates solutions to bring about change based on determining business needs. With the training I received, I learnt all the necessary tools and techniques to understand business needs. Armed with these techniques, I can elicit information from various people in the business (stakeholders) to identify gaps. The solution would eventually cover those gaps through a roadmap of one to several changes that need to be implemented.

It is a common misconception with ‘senior’ management and executives that they need to hire a ‘proper’ Business Analyst (BA) to get the work of a BA done. Perhaps a feel-good factor?

There is great value in tapping existing resources within the organisation due to the context of corporate knowledge that managers fail to harness.

What is essential here is to pay attention to the type of people available that have all the necessary skills and touch points to elicit information from the ‘Business’ to be able to make sense of the ‘Business need’.

Here are some broad needs of businesses:
Efficiencies in operations, human resources, finance, supply chain, etc.
Innovation throughout the organisation.
New service offerings
New product design
Organisational culture change
External positioning

I am a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis – a Canadian non-profit professional association formed in 2003 with the purpose of supporting and promoting the discipline of business analysis.

You can read more on the CBAP Certification here: