SharePoint 2007


There are advantages of having two Network Interface Cards – NICs on webservers – specially with SharePoint, since I work with SharePoint most of the time (some other open source products too!).

When configuring ‘Unicast’ NLB mode, Unicast takes over the NIC, thats why we used to create two NICs and set up IP forwarding so that requests that arrive on one NIC (Public) are sent to the other NIC (Private) connected to the other servers in the domain.

Here are the steps I follow to configure NLB and IP forwarding between the two NICs (multi-homed computer for the experienced). 😉

1. I usually rename the first NIC as “Private”.

2. Add a new NIC and call it “Public”.
Configure an IP address and Subnet mask. Do not configure a default gateway on the Public NIC.

3. Configure the Windows NLB cluster.
In Windows Server 2012, to add the NLB feature:
Add-WindowsFeature -Name NLB
Add-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-NLB
Configure the Windows NLB cluster (google up for more info)

4. Configure IPv4 forwarding via PowerShell:
Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceAlias Public -AddressFamily IPv4 -Forwarding Enabled

5. Point your DNS A record to the IP of the ‘Public’ NIC.