SharePoint hybrid eBook series

Earlier this year, Microsoft Press published two eBooks as part of a series of SharePoint hybrid eBooks.

I authored the first book – ‘Planning and Preparing for SharePoint Hybrid’ (ISBN 9781509302420) which introduces Microsoft’s cloud services – Office 365 and Azure along with the benefits and scenarios of SharePoint hybrid that help business transform their environments to innovate and harness the power of the cloud. Bill Baer, senior product manager (SharePoint), Microsoft wrote the foreword for this book. Neil Hodgkinson did a fantastic job in standing as the technical reviewer for this eBook.

Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid
Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

The first two chapters sets the stage for the eBook series. It introduces the reader to the core cloud services and gets you all familiar with the terms and technology behind SharePoint hybrid.

The third chapter “Architecture, authentication, and authorization”, lays the foundation for Identity Management in SharePoint hybrid. It also aids Architects, IT Professionals and Developers to plan out their SharePoint hybrid infrastructure.

Chapter four is for IT Professionals to get down and dirty into checking and cleaning up their environment to be cloud-compatible and free from error.

Chapter five is about configuring synchronized user identities with password hash. Users will be able to experience a same sign-on (same password as their on-premises) but will have to type in their credentials to access cloud services.

The last chapter, gives you configuration guidance on Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for a single sign-on experience for your users. In this instance, users, from within the organization, will have a seamless experience accessing SharePoint online and on-premises resources.

I recommend that you download and read this free eBook. It provides the necessary ingredients for a SharePoint hybrid environment.


The second eBook – ‘Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities’ (ISBN 9781509302437) was a team effort between Neil Hodgkinson, Manas Biswas, and myself. It was great to work with them on this eBook.
Forewords by By Jeff Teper, corporate vice president, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint and the second foreword by Seshadri Mani, principal program manager, Office 365 SharePoint, Microsoft Corporation.

Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities
Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities

This nine chapter eBook walks you through configuring the common SharePoint hybrid scenarios.
Chapter one starts off with an overview of the SharePoint hybrid capabilities and the Azure S2S trust configuration.

Chapter two is about configuring hybrid search. Neil and Manas are gurus in SharePoint search and hybrid search!

Chapter three, “Business Connectivity Services hybrid”, provides you with step by step instructions to configure what is currently the most complex scenario in SharePoint hybrid. To my knowledge, this was the first end-to-end BCS hybrid guide that has clear steps with figures to help you along the way.

Chapter four, “Additional hybrid solutions”, covers the configuration of additional hybrid solutions bundle that comprises of Hybrid OneDrive for Business and Hybrid Sites Features which includes the following: Site following , Hybrid profiles , and the Extensible hybrid app launcher.

Chapter five, “Microsoft Office 365 hybrid extranet and advanced sharing”, discusses and helps you plan for extranet sharing and taking your collaboration beyond your organizations borders.

Chapters six, seven and eight are great resources for IT Pros to learn whats involved in the on-going maintenance, best practices and management of a SharePoint hybrid environment.

Lastly, chapter nine is on Microsoft SharePoint hybrid and cybersecurity. My personal favourite where we covered SharePoint hybrid and cybersecurity concerns. This chapter is aimed at IT Security folk and IT Pros to consider the planning around risk management and threat management in a hybrid context. It is a great resource to discuss with your upper management and manage the risk profile in adopting SharePoint hybrid.

A big thank you to Rosemary Caperton (Microsoft), and Microsoft LeX for your support. Thanks to Dianne Russell and Bob Russell – awesome editors who kept the momentum going and worked around our schedules.

Thanks to Kim Spilker from Microsoft Press for publishing these books on the MS Press Blog.

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