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Converting Vmware vmdk to Hyper-V vhd


You have a vmdk file for Vmware and want to convert it to a Hyper-V compatible hard disk file such as vhd.



Download Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Solution Accelerator (4.3MB)

It works on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Once installed, run the following:

In a command prompt window, go to the path to MVDC.exe (32bit is usually installed here by default – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Solution Accelerator).

MDVC.exe ‘path to vmdk file’ ‘path to vhd file’


cd '.\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Solution Accelerator'
.\MVDC.exe 'D:\Temp\SERVER123.vmdk' 'D:\Temp\SERVER123.vhd'

Once your file is a vhd, you can easily import it into Microsoft Hyper-V and convert it to a vhdx.


  • If you want to convert several machines at once, then look at the Migration Automation Toolkit.

The Migration Automation Toolkit is a collection of PowerShell scripts that will automate conversions using MVMC and it is back ended by a SQL instance (SQL Express will work). You can use it to convert several machines at once, on a single server – or scale it out and execute conversions on many servers at the same time.

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