SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Training for IT pros

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SharePoint 2013 Training for IT pros… there is developer training too on Technet but lets leave that to the developers..

This link has 14 modules of SharePoint 2013.

Module 1: SharePoint 2013 IT pro introduction and overview
Get an overview of key changes and new concepts in SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Foundation 2013.
Module 2: SharePoint 2013 system requirements
Learn about the hardware and software requirements for SharePoint 2013 and supported browser levels and setup considerations.

Module 3: SharePoint 2013 architectural changes
Learn about key architectural changes in the SharePoint 2013 platform. We’ll highlight the most relevant changes from an overall architectural perspective.
Module 4: SharePoint 2013 server farms and site architecture planning
Plan for server farms and sites in SharePoint 2013. Learn about planning for the distributed cache, changes in alternate access mappings and self-service site creation, new features in themes, and new ways to share sites, lists, and libraries.

Module 5: Office Web Apps 2013 architecture and deployment
Learn about the new architecture and deployment model for Office Web Apps including architectural changes, deployment options, and operation aspects.

Module 6: SharePoint 2013 service application architecture and individual service applications
Get an overview of about changes in individual service applications in SharePoint 2013, including new service applications, general considerations, and changes in service application architecture.

Module 7: SharePoint 2013 enterprise search overview
Learn about the redesigned Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013 including architectural changes to physical and logical topologies, details about configuration options for crawling, content, and query.

Module 8: SharePoint 2013 social features
Social is one of the largest investments in SharePoint 2013. New features and capabilities provide a better and more comprehensive story for social computing in SharePoint 2013. Get a walkthrough of social features in SharePoint 2013.

Module 9: SharePoint 2013 enterprise content management and web content management considerations
Get an overview of key changes and improvements in enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM) in SharePoint 2013. Learn about new capabilities from eDiscover improvements to major new capabilities for WCM-driven sites.

Module 10: SharePoint 2013 customization options and management
Learn about the new customization capabilities in SharePoint 2013 and what that means from IT pro perspective. Learn about required infrastructural changes for new customization capabilities and setting up team development environments.

Module 11: SharePoint 2013 authentication and authorization overview
Get an overview of changes in claims-based authentication in SharePoint 2013. Learn about new support for OAuth and how it’s used in SharePoint 2013. Also see how OAuth is used in Server to Server (S2S) authentication scenarios.

Module 12: Overview of SharePoint 2013 business continuity management
Learn about the approaches and techniques to use when devising a meaningful and cost-effective business continuity management (BCM) strategy for SharePoint 2013.

Module 13: Upgrading to SharePoint 2013
Learn about the different facets of upgrade preparation and understand the key skills and techniques you’ll need to successfully upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

Module 14: What’s new in Project 2013 for IT pros
Get details about new enhancements for Project Server 2013 for IT pros, including both on-premises and online offerings. Learn about changes in the architecture, deployment and upgrade options, and administration and operations.

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